My Favorite Posts

I figure since so much of my writing here and at Maize n' Brew consists of information that is time sensitive (game recaps, injury reports, links posts) I should try and collect some of my favorite posts in one spot for anyone new to the site so they don't have to wade through piles of post game recaps and snarky reviews of Big Ten games.  I will include posts from this site as well as posts from Maize n' Brew (links included).

Dreaded Judgment
Maize n' Brew
  • A Tale of Two Quarterbacks - A study of the mid-season struggles of Denard Robinson.
  • Way Down in the Hole Part I, and Part II - A bye week exercise matching Michigan football players to their closest related character from The Wire.
  • Halloween Frights and a Plea for Sanity - My reaction to the Penn State game amidst calls for Rich Rodriguez's firing.
  • The Cult of College Football Recruiting - An examination of the pressure that fans put on college athletes that starts well before they even set foot on campus, and the ugliness and bitterness that sometimes arises from this.
  • The Trial of Richard Rodriguez - A long look at the ways in which the fan base has allowed emotion and pride to color opinions of Rich Rodriguez's ability to lead the Wolverines, and my utter exhaustion with it all.
  • The Coach Haters Ball - After the retirement of Urban Meyer     a coach I loved to hate     I set about trying to find a new object for my most virulent and irrational college football hatred.  (Note: this was before Tat-gate and the Tressel coverup, or the whole thing would have been a slam dunk for the Vest.  Also note the irony in my reasoning that Tressel wasn't a good fit because, "Tressel lacks that devious nature that makes someone like Urban Meyer so easy to hate."  What has two thumbs and was way off on this one?  This guy.)
  • Justice for Some - My examination of the Tressel scandal and what it all means for the larger picture of college athletics.