Wednesday, October 20, 2010

We Surf the Inter-webs, So You Don't Have To

Who wants some links?  Sweet, sweet manna of blogfrica.  I'm bored, so I figured I would throw out some links to things you should read to pass time in this, the worst week of the season: the dreaded bye week.  Enjoy.

First, if you aren't reading EDSBS on a daily basis, you are missing out.  This week I would recommend two things.  First, Gentle New-Testament God and Crazy Old-Testament God discuss the fates of the remaining unbeatens.  Orson is his best when impersonating vindictive deities.  Also, check in for Howard Schnellenberger's semi-regular Top 25.  Big surprise this week as suspenders fall from the top spot.

Dr. Saturday examines Les Miles plan for stopping Cam Newton this week.  It's Les Miles, so it is just crazy enough to work.

BHGP sums up last weeks Iowa/Michigan game in twelve pictures.  Quick, to the point, and as much as it pains me to say it extremely accurate.

Now that the Tim Brewster Error (amirite?) is over, it is time to endlessly speculate who will replace him.  No, Tony Dungy isn't interested, but Mike Leach might be!  No word yet on whether he will have to supply his own windowless shed for "concussion therepy" or if the University will supply a janitorial closet.

SBN provides its normal one two punch of greatness with The Alphabetical and an absolutely exceptional edition of This Week In Schadenfreude.

In news from mgoblog, Brian is starting halfway evaluations starting with....the secondary.  Who's excited?  I don't want to spoil too much, but it's bad.  Also Brian looks at games from the next three opponents in The Road Ahead.  Three winnable games, but I won't be comfortable with any of them until they are over.  What can I say, the last two years have jaded me.

Lastly, if you haven't been over to Maize n' Brew this week, I have a piece up on Denard Robinson's struggles the last two weeks.

I leave you with something unrelated to college football, but dripping with awesomeness:

"Oh shit, Darren Sharper" indeed.

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