Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Links? Links.

Ah, the crutch of the blogosphere: links posts.  Depending on what I find in my morning rounds of sports blogging, this could become a regular feature.

- First, if you haven't visited MGoBlog yet for the unit by unit breakdown, you should drop what you are doing and read that (pimping MGoBlog will also become a regular feature around here, so ready yourself).

- "They are what we thought they were."  (Any excuse to link my second favorite post-game coaching rant of all time is going to be jumped on every time, I assure you.)

The divisions are shaking out just like everyone thought they would.  OSU and UM seem to be splitting up, in favor of appeasing PSU fans who can't possibly be bothered to play a bunch of teams from the west of the Big Ten.  Rumor has it that The Game will still be the season finale.  Let's hope.

- Those dirty bandwagon jumpers over at the Wolverine Liberation Army have finally come to their senses and embraced the maize and blue again.  All the better to bitch slap the haters and trolls of the internet now that football season is once again upon us.

- Dr. Saturday gives a pretty fair take on the last two years under Rodriguez, "All news since December 2007 has been bad news."  My thoughts exactly.

- BHGP is reporting on Josh Koeppels attempts to get himself ready to face off against Mike Martin in October.  Now with gruesome video.

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